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Logistics specialist

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Main Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for SPOT quotations– Sending quotations and finding best possible solution on current market, lead time and cost effective
  2. Transport cost optimization and improvement– Tracking bidding and SPOT cost and prices, making comparation tables, market research…
  3. Organizing regular container transport and communicate with transport suppliers on daily basis – Scheduling pick up of containers in port with dispatch knowledge in handling port charges, demurrage and detention for containers in port.
  4. Managing Express shipments– Contact with urgent transport companies (air express, charter, on board couriers) for urgent deliveries in import and export
  5. Payment application– Making payment applications for all transport and transport related costs, submitting to finance and tracking of payment process
  6. Import/export-related projects and ensuring legally compliant import and export for the plant in Serbia, including customs audits and legislative tracking
  7. Control and preparation of all documents before customs clearance process for import and export;
  8. Monitoring of the preferential calculations and EUR1 certificate issuing
  9. Executing FTZ regulations and customs procedures related to FTZ operation
  10. Manage and control customs risks, supervise and assist in handling abnormal customs operations
  11. Keep track of changes in national import and export policies, and maintain good communication and cooperation with country customs/ commodity inspection bureau and other government departments.


  1. Education Background: Majoring in Economics, Traffic Engineering, Logistics
  2. Working Experience: At least 2-year experience in Logistics Department
  3. Language: Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  4. Knowledge &Skill: International transport, logistics and customs knowledge. Good understanding of Serbia transport regulations and procedures, transport market…
  5. Good skill in using MS OFFICE software and other IT software
  6. Good organizing, coordination and problem solving ability
  7. Cross-culture communication skills, coordination ability and team work spirit

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