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Production Planner

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  • Reasonably arrange the production plan and ensure 100% delivery, guide and influence the production line to enhance the customer-oriented awareness.
  • Review monthly delivery plan and interim delivery plan, and hold weekly meeting; Promote continuous improvement of production line efficiency; Improve the company’s operating efficiency.
  • Formulate monthly capacity planning and countermeasures, personnel demand planning, daily, weekly and monthly production plans, real-time tracking of production progress and collection of basic production data, hosting and dealing with abnormal production meetings.
  • Statistical analysis and countermeasures of production achievement, man-hour utilization rate and other indicators; Lead the communication improvement of corresponding production line.
  • Record form collection, sorting and filing; Inventory analysis and summary countermeasures, sluggish summary processing.
  • Familiar with personnel, equipment and other production resources of the whole factory, able to coordinate and make the best use of them when required.


  • College degree or above
  • Proficient in office software, inventory control, production process, MS package
  • Knowledge of cost and finance
  • Good command of English, fluent in speech and writing.
  • At least 1 year of work experience in material management and planning management.

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