Republike Srpske 20, Loznica

Meet our HR Team (MAB Unit)

Milica Živanović, Deputy HR Manager

About Milica

In her fifteen years of working experience in mostly automotive industry and HR, Milica was fortunate to cooperate and lead different departments like HR Administration, Time Management, Reporting, General Affairs, Payroll,  Legal etc. She joined Minth group 6 months ago on a position of Deputy HR Manager, which was a logical next step in her career.

About HR team

HR department consists of 7 members (including Milica): mentor from China, HR Specialist, Administration supervisor, Administration officer and two Chinese Translators. They are young, full of enthusiasm, eager for knowledge… She says she is proud of the team she works with, because they are above all good people, honest and responsible and she is honored to work with them.

How do you support and motivate your team?

 „Trust. Respect. Understanding. Teamwork. And a lot of fun! Without it there is no team. We spend at least 8 hours a day together, we learn from each other, support each other, and laugh a lot! Lets be honest for a second, we all work for a salary, but there is no money that can motivate a person to work good with a bad leader, or in a negative team vibe. „

Tell us about your contribution to the company

„We are currently in start up and preparations for mass production and I am very happy to be part of it from the beginning. Building our team, writing our processes and procedures, hiring, trainings… What I am most proud of at the moment, is that since I have joined my team, we managed to take over complete payroll process and also all legal parts of employee administration and to do it ’’in house’’. By doing this we have made a major cost saving in our budget.

What do you like about working for our company and what makes you proud to work here?
In these difficult times and with current struggling economy, especially in Automotive industry, I am proud to be a part of a company with amazing strategy and big plans for future work in Serbia. Strong and reliable company like Minth group was exactly what West Serbia needed. Also, for me working in a big international team, learning about Chinese culture and procedures, is one of the best parts of my job „.

Tips for new employees „Be yourself! Own your mistakes – be grateful for both failure and success, and learn from them. Treat people as equals, with the same fairness, kindness, and respect, as you yourself want to be treated. Embrace change, keep learning, and constantly improve yourself. And every day try to have fun!“

 Milica Živanović, Deputy HR Manager