Republike Srpske 20, Loznica

Meet Our Lab Team

One of the most experienced workers among the company’s staff with 26 years of work experience in laboratory work of material testing, calibration of measuring equipment and laboratory management, involved in the process of forming the MAE Laboratory from the beginning of work. Borislav is technical expert in his field and his professional papers (10) were published in domestic and foreign journals in the field of metrology, material testing and laboratory management

His team works in MAE (Minth Automotive Europe) Laboratory. Our laboratory currently has 25 employees, masters of technical sciences (chemistry, mechanical and metallurgy engineering), graduate engineers and technicians (chemical, mechanical).

 The main activities of the Laboratory for our comapany’s needs are:

– Testing of materials (30 test methods),

– Measurement of dimensions of final parts and parts from the production process on three-coordinate measuring machines and

– Calibration of measuring equipment

Together with Hu Lei, the manager of the laboratory, he formed a team of people who successfully respond to all the set tasks.

„I am very glad to be part of the company’s team from the very beginning and I believe that with my knowledge and experience I will contribute to the success of the company and especially the Laboratory. Success in the accreditation of the Laboratory is something that we in the Laboratory will be proud of. The goal in the future work is to make the Laboratory one of the largest and most modern accredited laboratories in Serbia and in the region. Therefore, it means that the laboratory staff will be highly trained to perform laboratory work, which I am very pleased to have participated in their training.“

Tips for Future Employees:

„The team of the Laboratory includes all young people who are eager for knowledge and proof. I give young people constant support and motivation by explaining to them the importance of their learning and work in one of the most modern laboratories in Serbia and the surrounding area. The biggest support for the team is to help in gaining new knowledge, mastering new testing techniques and working with modern software. The adoption of new modern knowledge in the field of testing and measurement opens the possibility of employment in the automotive industry anywhere in the world. Motivation is not lacking for anyone who wants to become a valued member of the laboratory and MAE d.o.o. Regarding motivation, it is enough to emphasize that not a single employee left the laboratory. So there is no lack of motivation and success is guaranteed by hard work and a regular salary.

 Borislav Pajkić, Supervisor of Metrology in the Laboratory