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Meet Our Warehouse Shift Leader

                Nemanja Petrovic, Warehouse shift leader. (MAB unit)

I started my career in Minth (Aluminum Business Unit) on January 13th 2021 as a warehouse keeper, and from July 1st have been promoted to warehouse shift leader. This was my first experience with the automotive industry for the first time and I was very attracted to the way it works, precision, responsibility and dynamics.

About Warehouse team

My team consists of 12 people, 10 warehouse keepers, one supervisor and me. There are both experienced and young people in my team who selflessly share their knowledge and experiences with each other. Since we spend 8 hours together every day, we have become very close and become like a family. I am very proud of all of them and I am honored to be on the team with them.

How do you support and motivate your team?

HONESTY is the first step in motivating my people, always and in every situation I speak openly and honestly with them, then RESPECT, which is not affected by age differences, everyone must respect everyone, which I personally consider equal to honesty, and as for the job itself, every one of them is acquainted in detail with daily and weekly obligations and in a positive environment every job is easily completed. We maintain this positive environment with a lot of humor and positive energy (laughter can be heard at every break in our room for rest)

Tell us about your contribution to the company

I have been in this company from the beginning, while our building was still under construction, and I can proudly say that I participated in the unloading of over 200 trucks with machines, equipment and materials. I had worked with my manager Ms. Yao to establish all the procedures, guideline and work instruction of our warehouse, also choose and train my team and taught them the operating systems SAP I PLEX and thus created a team that carries all the work in the warehouse without problems.

What do you like about working for our company and what makes you proud to work here?

In this company, the thing I like the most is that it recognizes and appreciates effort, work and talent, nowadays it is very difficult to find a company where there is such treatment of employees. In MAB you can’t find any manager and supervisor who watches a novice operator „being looked down upon“, but you will see and hear him sincerely ask him about his health and family – that is what is appreciated. Also, this is a company at the beginning of business and has a lot of opportunities for training and promotion anyone who is willing and eager to progress.

Tips for new employees

Be diligent, honest, and patient, respect others, invest your maximum and be sure that someone will notice it all and everything will be returned to you in the same measure, if not more.