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Campus Recruitment (Graduate Program)

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Are you a recent graduate eager to kickstart your career and make a meaningful impact? Look no further! Minth is excited to announce our Graduate Trainee Program, designed to cultivate the next generation of talented professionals.

Jobs on offer:

Finance Trainee

  • Developing and tracking the cost budget plan
  • Accounting record related to cost
  • Making analysis for the gross profit rate;
  • Being familiar with production process and maintainance of the cost
  • Cost settlement, allocation and analyses
  • Daily check of the ERP system, feedback and track the abnormal issues;

Quality Assistant Engineer

  • This role is responsible for handling quality issues during and after the production of the products
  • Develop inspection methods to analyze product quality
  • Improve product quality by making recommendations for change
  • Work together with relevant teams and departments to improve products
  • Ensure products adhere to company and industry quality standards
  • Brainstorm ideas to create solutions for identified problems
  • Formulate a strategic plan to increase productivity in the business
  • Document results and findings after inspections are carried out
  • Implement a working system to ensure conformity and accuracy in the production process

Welding Assistant Engineer

  • Responsible for the welding process development and assessment
  • Responsible for machining technology including bending and milling verification, the calculation and update of parameter
  • Responsible for the localization and assessment of welding technology to ensure the correctness and rationality
  • Responsible for welding technology problem solving, technology improvement, efficiency promotion and cost reduction
  • Responsible for the welding automation and robot application projects, including the path programming
  • Responsible for the solving and verification of field problems, the training and improvement of talent skills
  • Responsible for the filing of technology documents

Electrical Assistant Engineer

  • Assist equipment manager to sketch and construct the plant layout of water, electricity, gas and equipment.
  • Assist equipment manager to plan and implement the preparation and construction of equipment function, including the policy and workflow, team member and work, covering the requirement of the Group and the particularity of Serbia.
  • Assist equipment manager to establish and operate the equipment management system including assets management and maintenance.
  • Responsible for promoting TPM according to group lean production requirements.
  • Set plant energy target, statistically analyze monthly energy consumption, develop and implement improvement measure.

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