Republike Srpske 20, Loznica

Robotics Senior Engineer

Postavljeno pre 1 година

Loznica, Serbia


  1. After the new equipment arrives at the factory, collect and sort out the relevant data of the robot, and commissioning the robot.
  2. Responsible for the dynamic and static acceptance of the robot and promote the closure of problem points;
  3. Set up and update robot management methods, systems and rules, and supervise the implementation of relevant departments.
  4. Organize personnel to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the robot and the handling of small faults;
  5. Take care of Welding technology, calculate and update of parameters in the robot for welding technology;
  6. Responsible for technology problem solving, technology improvement, efficiency promotion and cost reduction, improve the quality and cycle time of the production;
  7. Inherit technology and improve the team’s knowledge of robots.


  1. Use English as a working language, that’s the basic requirement;
  2. College degree or above, related to robot is preferred;
  3. Familiar with the installation, debugging, maintenance and programming of KUKA and ABB robots, and be able to use offline programming software, master the principle of robot communication (Ethernet communication or serial port communication.
  4. Good sense to serve the customer and production; good sense of team cooperation.

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