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Meet Our Head of Translation Sector

  1. Tell us more about yourself (when you joined the company, about your previous work biography, and your current position in the company)

As one of the first employees in the newly created Serbian division of the Minth Group, in May 2019, I started working as a Translator for the HR Manager and for the GM.  In the beginnings there were only two local Serbian speaking employees in the company: myself and Administration Supervisor. In the three years that followed, two of us witnessed and contributed to the expansion of the Minth Automotive Europe:  from a small group of people to a company that today has 5 large manufacturing plants and 400 employees.

 Before working in the Minth Group I had 15 years of industry experience as a Translator and Export-Import manager.  But I found out that the  Automotive Industry is, because of its fast paced development and strict regulations, an industry full of challenges which I would recommend to everyone, especially to young people who are eager to learn and professionally advance.

  • Describe your team and department (how many people there are, about their positions…)

My current position is the Head of Translation sector consisiting of six Translators. All of them are assigned to different divisions within the company, from the office of General Manager, HR and  Administration, Quality Control, to the actual Manufacturing and Production.

My responsibilities are mainly focused on issues related to HR  and Administration as well as Legal Department handling Work and Residency Permits for foreign workers employed by the Minth Automotive Europe.

  • Tell us about your contribution to the company (any recent projects you’ve been working on, improvements etc)

As the Chief interpreter working from the very beginning, I have been using , on a daily base, all my knowledge of chinese language and culture to make the life of hundreds of Chinese colleagues much easier and more comfortable in my home country.  At the same time, I have been helping my Serbian colleagues to accept the cultural differnces as well as I have been helping them to enjoy the differnces.

As for the latest projects I am working on, the recent one very useful project is the introduction of English language training – intensive  english language course  Serbian and Chinese colleagues inside the company.

  • What do you like about working for our company and what makes you proud to work here?

Having an oportunity to communicate in chinese language every day for 8 hours or even more is a big challenge for any translator. Someties even the most difficult moments of translation can be amusing and entertaining.

Further I also have the priviledge of having a very good cooperation  with Serbian department for Foreigners and National employment service applying for the temporary stay and work permits for all foreign employees and I genuinely enjoy it.

  • How do you support and motivate your team?

             Tell us some tips you can give to new employees.

Join us and you’ll see how fast you can improve your skills. Because we are the company that always gives its employees daily oportunity to build their future in a stable working environment.