Republike Srpske 20, Loznica

Meet Our Logistics Team

Having great previous experience regarding customs and logistics organization, Slađan joined us two years ago at the very beginning of plant construction. Currently, he is working on the position of Logistics Manager.
Since he joined Minth, he was involved in many projects, out of which most important were leading of establishment and setup management rules of Free Trade Zone for Minth, leading mass unloading of equipment (over 400 containers from China in 2 months period were unloaded) and setup logistics function in greenfield company.

His team numbers over 20 members, some of which are warehouse keepers, clerks, customs, and logistics specialists. What he likes the most about Minth are people and their willingness to perform well in teamwork in every aspect of business. Through the whole company hierarchy, everyone wants to help and support each other and in that way build a better future for all of us

„Give your colleagues support and guidance to solve any problem they face, lead them to find a solution by themselves and feel that they are an integral part of company’s culture and company’s business. Give your best every day, learn every day, support every colleague as much as you can, and always be honest and genuine“.